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We are always looking for motivated, independent, and skilled scientists to join our group to pursue new and exciting research. As part of the TCP group, researches should have ample opportunity to exchange ideas, transfer knowledge, and to pick up new expertise. Our publications provide some perspective on our research interests and ambition to tackle important scientific questions. Going forward our general directions include:

(i) Multiscale Modelling

Combining first principles, coarse graining, and mathematical approaches to bring quantum mechanical level of accuracy from the atomistic scale to micro-scale systems. This involves developing mathematical approaches and code that can tackle large and complex systems efficiently.

(ii) Machine Learning in Chemical Physics

Machine learning of global molecular potential-energy surfaces and gaining physical and chemical insights from machine-learned potentials. The main goal is to understand and extend current machine learning approaches and to be able to go beyond their "black box" nature.

(iii) Non-covalent Interactions

Understanding and developing a framework for accurately capturing non-covalent interactions. In particular, we are looking to expand our expertise on peculiar non-covalent effects in confinement, charged environments, optically-excited states, and van der Waals/Casimir physics in large systems.

(iv) Statistical Mechanics in Physics and Chemistry

Development and application of improved path integral methods for quantum nuclear effects.

Of course, research advances quickly and there is scope for pursuing research in related topics and increasingly interdisciplinary ways. If you are interested in our work, would like to learn more about it, and perhaps have some ideas of your own, please email to Applications for funding can also be made via Marie Curie Fellowships, Humboldt Fellowships for German Citizens, European Research Council grants, and Luxembourg National Research Fund grants (FNR) [Individual PhD grants, CORE Jr., ATTRACT, etc.].

Applications for PhD studies and postdoctoral positions are accepted from qualified candidates at any time.

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